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We got the solution for your company’s storage shortage!

We got the solution for your company’s storage shortage! 

More and more storage space is needed now that the online market is growing so fast. Many companies are seeing an increase in the amount of products that need to be stocked and as the product range expands, it is handy if the storage space can grow with you. Therefore, in this blog we will give you the perfect solution for how you can best deal with a shortage of space. This solution will double the amount of square metres you have at your disposal, without you having to move to larger premises. 


What is this magical solution?

The solution we are talking about is having a mezzanine floor measured and installed. A mezzanine floor originated in the time of the opera when people started building the large opera halls. Today, it is ideally suited for any location that can use more space. By installing a mezzanine floor, you create, as it were, a whole extra floor in the current space. As a result, you double the number of square metres available and can fit far more stock into the same space than you could ever dream of. This solution is especially ideal for buildings with high ceilings. Installing a mezzanine floor construction is an investment that most organisations will have recouped within two years. 


Installing a mezzanine floor

If you are currently struggling with a lack of storage space and are considering moving to new premises, we strongly recommend that you take a look at They are true specialists in the field of mezzanine floors and are perfectly capable of designing, building and even installing a perfectly tailored construction for any organisation. In this way, you create an enormous amount of space in your current room and save yourself the costs and trouble of moving to a different building.