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Transport goods safely

Looking for a way to safely transport goods within your business? Then consider a goods lift, or Goods Lifts. The great thing about goods lifts is that you can use them in many different ways and save yourself a lot of unnecessary carrying and toil. Especially if you have a business that regularly has to move goods between different floors, it pays to have a goods lift installed. This will not only save you a lot of trouble, but also time. As every entrepreneur knows: time is money.

You improve safety

The big advantage of having a goods lift installed is that it is much safer than moving it by hand. You significantly reduce the risk of a workplace accident. Goods lifts ensure fast throughput and can also be fully enclosed. You move the products to a cabin, which is then hoisted up or down. Many lifts today also operate on a hydraulic basis. Because the cabin is completely closed, the risk of certain parts or entire goods falling down is eliminated. For an impression, take a look at Lödige’s lift range.

A solution for every business
The beauty of goods lifts is that they can be supplied in many different configurations. No two workspaces are exactly the same. Similarly, no two companies will have exactly the same range of products to be moved. Suppliers of goods lifts take your specific requirements into account and ensure that a tailor-made solution is installed at your premises. You reduce the risk of inconvenience and increase throughput. Things to consider include size and power.

How easy do you operate a goods lift?
The latest generation of goods lifts are surprisingly easy to operate. No special training is needed. Thanks to PLC control, among other things, it is possible to regulate the lift’s movement via the central computer. This is done with the help of sensors.

Extended service life of freight elevators
Another great advantage of freight lifts is that they have a surprisingly long service life. For instance, a lift can effortlessly last 25 years if properly maintained. Moreover, you will be entitled to a manufacturer’s warranty, should there be a flaw in the design. You make a one-off investment and earn it back in the long run. The nice thing about a goods lift is that thanks to a hydraulic mechanism, you can effortlessly adjust it to your needs. You can choose a relatively light, plus also a heavy load weight.