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One in five smokers tried to quit during lockdown

During the lockdown, one in five smokers in Belgium tried to quit. Many turned to the e-cigarette as an aid to get rid of their bad habit. As a result, online sales of vape products have risen sharply in recent months, despite the ban on internet sales of those products.

Almost a fifth of the smokers who tried to quit (18.4 percent) actually succeeded. Yet a quarter of the smokers also smoked more than normal during the lockdown. This is evident from a survey of 1,250 smokers and vapers last month by the research firm iVOX, on behalf of British American Tobacco. e-cigarette is sold online.


Almost 60% of those surveyed tried to overcome their addiction without an aid. Of those who did use an aid, most (38.4%) turned to the e-cigarette. It may contain nicotine, but it is less harmful than traditional tobacco products because no tobacco is burned.

Most vapers normally purchase their products from specialized stores. However, they had to close their doors during the lockdown because of “not essential”. As a result, many vapers took refuge online to get their e-cigarettes and e-liquids. This is remarkable, because it is illegal in our country to sell vape products containing nicotine via the internet. A third of the vapers (32%) who bought products during the lockdown did so online. mr-joy eliquids is sold online.

In fact, six in ten vapers who had a hard time finding their products reported having turned to cigarettes. A large majority (60%) therefore thinks that it should be allowed to buy vape products online, as is often already possible abroad.