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Is your storage really too small or are you not working efficiently?

Is your storage really too small or are you not working efficiently? 

Lack of space in the warehouse is very annoying. Not only does it make growth impossible. It also creates a lot of problems on a day-to-day basis. Relocating often seems like the most logical and best option, but it takes a lot of time, costs a lot of money and is often not necessary at all. In this blog article, we will discuss the causes that space shortages often have, and thereby also the solution. Because the cause is often the solution. Are you reading this? 


1) The growth of the company has an impact on the warehouse

It is not entirely illogical that the growth of a company often leads to an increase in the amount of space occupied in the warehouse. By expanding the range, increasing turnover and more activities and/or services, more storage space is soon required. However, this is often not taken into account in advance and you can end up in a mess with the space you have. The layout of the space is extremely important here. By rearranging, automating and optimising processes, you can save a lot of space. This also means that you can reduce costs and work more efficiently and safely. 


2) inefficient with your space

Another part of storage that you should keep a close eye on that can save you a lot of space is whether the storage methods and locations are appropriate for the current stock situation. For example, on you could look at the various possibilities for mezzanine floors, a mezzanine floor that creates an extra floor in your premises. This prevents ‘air’ from taking up your storage space and ensures that the space is used as efficiently as possible. Also look at the efficiency of your shelving system. 


3) Too much dead stock

Having sufficient stock is important because you want to serve your customers as well and as quickly as possible. Still, it is good to keep an eye on how much stock you have of which products. An excess of dead stock is a waste of space because the products that are not sold often take up a lot of space. Therefore, take a good look at whether you have the right products in stock. Start optimising your stock. Make sure you have a good ordering method and make agreements with your suppliers so that you can save costs and space.