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Five Commandments of Prosperity

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Five Prosperity Commandments from Rabbi Daniel Lapin, cleric and author of the bestselling You Must Prosper.

Expand your connections with people

When making new connections, remember that you are not trying to exploit your new friends – you are warming your life with new relationships. Loving others is not just a gush of emotions, says Rabbi Lapin. It means helping them and even serving them.

Study your strengths and weaknesses

Look for small battles to win in privacy. If you’re in the mood for a diet or exercise routine, force yourself to follow them. After winning one round, proceed to the next – this way you will become stronger.

Be consistent and consistent and you will become a leader

It is very important to look like a leader, even if at heart you are not very confident in yourself. Build your vocabulary, listen to other speakers, read books and articles on rhetoric techniques. Try to read aloud more, preferably in front of loved ones. At the same time, choose a good book that you yourself love. Train for half an hour a day.

Innovation and change are essential if you want to thrive

Innovation is always painful, but that doesn’t mean you have to endlessly cling to the past. Change can be daunting, but there is no way to hold back progress. Let go of the old and embrace the new – if you do it wisely, everything will be beneficial.

Learn to see the future

The upcoming events send us soft and subtle signals, but we do not see or hear them – this requires a calm time and place. If you want to hear how your refrigerator works, you must turn off the radio and TV. Then you will hear how the compressor is barely audible. If you want to learn to look into the future, choose a specific day and hour to do nothing. Don’t exercise, listen to music, or snack. You enter receive mode. Keep your mind clear and focus on what excites you.

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