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European stock markets open lower

 The European stock markets are facing a lower opening on Thursday. IG provides an opening loss of 72 points for the German Dax, a minus 32 points for the French CAC 40 and a decrease of 33 points for the British FTSE 100.

European stock markets

The European stock markets are closed lower on Wednesday, while investors are waiting for more clarity about where interest rates, inflation and economies are going. Investors continue to focus on how a tighter monetary policy and a series of expected interest rate increases will influence growth. There is a risk that the central bank’s measures to curb inflation could cause a recession.

“The sentiment remains extremely fickle, prone to the ebb and flood of inflation expectations, followed by the fear that central banks will respond exaggerated when combating the aforementioned inflation, which is then followed by concern about what that could do for worldwide growth” , said market analyst Michael Hewson of CMC Markets.

On a macroeconomic level, it was announced on Wednesday that the production of German industry increased in April, but less than provided. Production rose by 0.7 percent on a monthly basis, while on an annual basis there was a decrease of 2.2 percent.

The economy in the eurozone was slightly faster than expected in the first quarter. GDP rose by 0.6 percent on a quarterly basis, while on an annual basis there was a growth of 5.4 percent.

Company news

Credit Suisse warned on Wednesday for loss in the second quarter. Nevertheless, the share ultimately closed 3.8 percent higher, after State Street announced a statement in response to rumors that the company from Boston would like to take over the troubled Swiss bank.

Inditex has seen sales rise considerably in the past quarter. The share won 5.9 percent. In Paris, Renault took the lead with a profit of around 3.5 percent. for more information. TotenEnergies rose more than 1.5 percent, while ArcelorMittal dropped more than 3.0 percent. In Frankfurt, HelloFresh rose more than 2.0 percent, Puma won around 1.5 percent and Deutsche Post lost more than 3.0 percent.

In Amsterdam, the Prosus share stood out with a price gain of more than 8.2 percent. The rate of the share of Tencent, in which Prosus has a great interest, won 6.5 percent in Hong Kong, after the Chinese regulator allowed 60 new online games.

Euro Stoxx 50 3,788.93 (-0.5%)

Stoxx Europe 600 440.37 (-0.6%)

Dax 14,445.99 (-0.8%)

CAC 40 6,448.63 (-0.8%)

FTSE 100 7,593.00 (-0.1%)

SMI 11.467.39 (-0.6%)

AEX 710.99 (+0.3%)

Call 20 3,901.04 (-0.1%)

FTSE MIB 24.236.67 (-0.5%)

IBEX 35 8.842.70 (0.0%)

The American stock markets are closed lower on Wednesday.

The stock markets have recovered from the LOS points of May in recent weeks, but have since ended up in a volatile pattern. Investors say that sentiment remains brittle and that many are not convinced of a recovery. The question is whether the economy can bypass a recession if it is confronted with rising interest rates, while inflation remains higher than many economists had expected.

The combination of delaying growth and rising prices has increased the ghost of ‘stagflation’, says market followers. “We are currently just in a holding pattern. Investors will not take too much risk until we get a clearer picture that moderates inflation,” said market analyst Brian O’Reilly of Mediolanum International Funds. “I think a recession is avoidable, but we have to see inflation flatten out at least,” he added.

On a macroeconomic level, it was announced on Wednesday that the number of mortgage applications fell by 6.5 percent last week. The market index fell from 308.3 to 288.4. The wholesalers in the US increased by 2.2 percent and 24.0 percent respectively in April on monthly and annual base.

The Julifuture for a barrel West Texas Intermediate crude oil closed 2.3 percent, or 2.70 percent, higher at 122.11 dollars on the New York Mercantile Exchange. On a macroeconomic level on Thursday in the US, only the weekly support requests are on the agenda.

Company news

Campbell Soup has increased the turnover expectation, after the last quarter that has been better than expected. Campbell now counts on 1 to 2 percent autonomous growth, instead of a flat result. The share increased almost 2.0 percent.

Alex Kipman, CEO who has to develop the Metaverse strategy for Microsoft, leaves the company, reports The Wall Street Journal. The share lost around 0.8 percent. Western Digital has reached a settlement with the activist investor Elliott, who wants to split the company. The company is considering T now such a step, in a company that focuses on old-fashioned hard drives for computers and a company focused on flash memory cards. The share recorded approximately 4.0 percent lower.

Chinese tech and internet giants that were also listed in New York were on Wednesday, after the Chinese regulator approved 60 online games. Alibaba rose nearly 15.0 percent. Rob Walton, heir to the Walmart empire, buys the American Football club Denver Broncos for $ 4.65 billion, after years of drama around one of the most iconic American sports clubs.

S&P 500 Index 4,115.77 (-1.1%)

Dow Jones Index 32,915.77 (-0.8%)

Nasdaq Composite 12.086.27 (-0.7%)


The Asian stock exchanges mostly recorded lower on Thursday.

Nikkei 225 28.326.93 (+0.3%)

Shanghai Composite 3,247.86 (-0.5%)

Hang Seng 21,961.60 (-0.2%)


The euro/dollar recorded at 1,0725. At the closing of the American stock exchanges on Wednesday, the coin pair moved at 1,0717 and at the closing of the European stock exchanges there was still a score of 1,0740 on the signs.