NBA 2K18 – Collect the new Swingmen MyTeam packs

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A new MyTeam collection is available for NBA 2K18 players. The set is called Swingmen and it has cards that are meant to bring something new to the team. More than 10 player cards are waiting to be collected. Each of these players will increase the performance of the team. This set has great flexibility so players can find all sorts of different ways to integrate the new players in a team. With this collection, there are many choices for making super max lineups. The new cards are obtained from packs that are bought from the market. Here are some of the players that are included in the packs.

Caron Butler from Miami Heat is an emerald card with 80 driving dunk and open shot three. From the Golden State Warriors, we have Corey Maggette. This is also an emerald card that has good drive and open shot. The badge for this card is gold catch and shoot. Evan Turner, a Boston Celtics player, has seven seconds as his best system proficiency. The badge associated with this card is pick and roll maestro.

Four sapphire players are part of this collection. Elgin Baylor, a Los Angeles Lakers player, has the small forward position. One of his best stats is defensive rebound. Denver Nuggets are represented in this collection by Corey Brewer. He is one of the most representative players for the Swingmen set. He has good defense. The other two sapphire players are Kiki Vandeweghe from Portland Trail Blazers and Anthony Morrow from the Golden State Warriors. Another GS player is Latrell Sprewell. He is a ruby card with good three point shot. Two amethyst cards are included as well. Tracy McGrady is a card with 11 gold badges. Danny Granger is the player card obtained as reward for completing the collection. This amethyst player is part of the Indiana Pacers team and has very good shooting. In addition to the guide, you also need the nba 2k18 mt to help for your playing.

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