Cavepromotor for your Liebherr WU5600

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Your Liebherr WU5600 is a single temperature integrated wine cabinet, wine cooler or wine fridge. It is just how you mention this appliance. The official name of the producer is wine cabinet and is an so called undercounter version. Actually this device does more than just cooling. Beside cooling it is taking care of the humidity inside your wine cabinet and filters the air coming in your wine cabinet. Because most wines have a cork closing you have to be aware that the air getting in your wines have to be clean. When you need a wine cabinet with 2 different wine compartments you should look for the WU4000. The deviding part contains the control device which has effect on the total of bottles to be stored.

The humidity in your wine cabinet should be controled, but how… The WU5600 has the ability to start a fan and when the humidity is to low you can increase the level of humidity by ventilation. The main question is, how do you know when to start the fan? Therefor Cavepromotor ships a digital hydrometer to you so you can measure the humidity . The levels of humidity and how to monitor this will be explained after you bought the wine cabinet.

Every year you have to replace the Active Carbon Filter. Most people forget this, but it can have a negative effect on the quality of your cork closed wines. So keep in mind that you have to replace the filter every year. Now you may think that is easy. From our experience we can assure you that 90% of our customers forget to replace… So at Cavepromotor.US the Filter Alert Service is implemented. Every year you get an allert that reminds you to replace and not only that when you agree the correct filter will be shipped to you. The advantage of having one compartment means that you can control the temperature in the whole compartment with your control panel. Mostly these cabinet is used for storing wines to reach their top of taste and Development.

 This sounds very logic, but before you buy a wine cabinet you have to be sure that you have choosen the wine cabinet that fits your needs. For this you need to talk with an expert. The experts from Cavepromotor.US come from the wine industry and only sell wine cabinets. This gives an advantage.

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